Rent vs buy. What is best to start my own clinical laboratory?

Lately one of the businesses that is becoming increasingly profitable is health, after beauty. Which gives him a lot of good points if you’re thinking of opening a lab.

The public is still not growing so much compared to the number of people who demand the service, which will ensure a fixed return on investment, especially if you provide a good service.

This model of economic development is a delicate but highly profitable management segment. It takes a lot of knowledge and following several rules required by the Health Surveillance, the National Board of Medicine and also an advanced equipment. You even have to study long before deciding on such a company.

Now, what’s better, rent or buy lab equipment?

Devices are also a great investment, as they are mostly technical and business critical.  Avoiding the purchase of used, as new have guarantee and continuous maintenance of the brand, ideal to maintain the quality of diagnostics.

To assemble the technical structure of clinical laboratories, it is necessary to purchase photoelectric colorimeter, orbital shaker, vertical autoclave sterilizer, serological water bath, stainless steel water distiller, for micro centrifugal hematocrit, clinical centrifuge. Avoid buying unknown brands and save on the purchase of warranty recall, a laboratory can not fail and investment in equipment should be in the best equipment possible.

Whether you decide to have them rented or bought, we recommend Kalstein or a company that can provide you with both options, you just have to study which is more to your liking and advise you with them.